Gracious Leadership - Janet Smith Meeks

Janet Smith Meeks is a retired healthcare executive turned author and speaker. When she published her first book, Gracious Leadership: Lead Like You’ve Never Led Before, in 2018, she needed a website with a quick turnaround on a small budget. Taking a stock template, I customized it with her brand to meet her needs and continue to maintain and update the site. I also do her e-mail marketing, create custom PowerPoint templates, and occasionally assist with social media marketing.
  • Amanda did a fabulous job of creating the website for my new book in record time: She listened carefully as I described the look and feel that I wanted for the site, and her work product was outstanding. The site is highly functional, easy to navigate and certainly makes a very positive and professional impression. I highly recommend Amanda. Plus, she’s an awesome person with whom to work!

    Janet Smith Meeks

    Speaker, Consultant, and author of Gracious Leadership

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